Last Sunday marked the beginning of my winter season, as I left the UK with 4 months worth of belongings and flew to Salzburg, Austria. Since returning from NZ, I have been busy training at the Surrey Sports Park with my coach, Tom. On Saturday, I had a fitness test and I am really pleased with the progress I have made over the summer months, as I worked really hard. Someone once told me you work hard, win easy! Or alternatively, winter miles = summer smiles (thanks Alice), so for skier’s that would be summer miles = winter smiles.

Asides the Strength and Conditioning training this Autumn, I have been busy trying to improve my reach on social media and fund raise for the 2015 World Junior Championships through a crowdfunding campaign via makeachamp.com. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Kerry, Kay, Caroline, Jenny, Roy and my two anonymous contributors for their support. Thanks to their generosity, I can focus on training and not worry about financial logistics associated with traveling to and competing at the 2015 WJC. Additionally, I would like to extend my thanks to all of you who shared my story via social media, etc, as this really helped extend my reach; with particular thanks to Racer Ready who often retweeted my posts relating to makeachamp.

The campaign was a lot of fun to put together, especially the video, which has inspired me to begin my own YouTube channel. My first video featured the various uses of duct tape and apparently it was funny… The 5 Main Uses of Duct Tape for A Ski Racer. I thought I’d give it a go because I enjoy the creative element and it’s a good way to connect with people, as well as promote my main sponsors (CAZMark, Altimus, and JCAD). Additionally, I don’t know of any other ski racers who ‘vlog’ so I thought I’d see if I start a trend. I’m not sure how often I will be able to make videos but that’s part of the element of surprise, so watch this space!

My winter begun with picking up my new slalom skis from a random petrol station near a random round-a-bout in Salzburg. Luckily my self-guided tour of the city the previous day enabled me to know exactly where I was going….A few hours later…(joking)! It was fine, I only had a 5 minute detour, so after successfully loading my skis into the van, off I went to Kärnten!

I’m currently training on a glacier, as there is not much snow at lower altitudes. This week has been my first one with my new training group, as over the summer I chose to go to NZ independently. Amongst my team mates are Nia, Kirsty and Chris, who are also British, as well as my friend Ronnie who I haven’t seen in a couple of years. The great thing about skiing is you never know who you’ll see and when, sometimes you see someone you know in the most obscure places, or you meet someone who knows someone you know. For example, I was wearing my Ambition polo shirt on the plane to NZ and this couple said “Oh you skied with Ambition, our friend’s son trained with them!”…well what do you know? Despite the 7bn + people on this planet, it’s actually quite a small world!

Once the snow comes, I’ll begin my races, and I can’t wait! It’s going to be an action packed season with a whole mix of races, as well as the 2015 WJC to look forward to!

Thanks once again to all my partners, particularly my main ones, for their continued support, without them I would not be able to continue doing what I love at a high level!

  • CAZMark
  • Altimus
  • Reusch
  • Uvex

Until next time, keep smiling! 🙂



A little souvenir Tom sent to me of a lactate session in July as a reminder that no ski run can be as physically challenging as that session was! Work hard, win easy!


New SL skis!


Nia and Me if you’re looking right to left or me then Nia from left to right. First day of wearing my new SL helmet from Uvex which I absolutely love!


#winteriscoming !!

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