That sticky stuff called Duct Tape

When I spent Christmas with my parents, my mum had a copy of the New Scientist: Christmas and New Year Special. I picked it up and flicked through it, because sometimes it has useful articles relating to elements I have studied in Geography. As I was turning the pages, I stumbled across the following little extract:


It made me think of the film Inkheart (based on a trilogy I read when I was about 12); Capricorn, the ‘baddie’ says a brilliant line: “What’s that sticky stuff called?…Ahhh duct tape, I LOVE duct tape!”

According to the New Scientist, NASA never send astronauts on a space mission without a supply of duct tape! It saved Apollo 13! Passing on their advice, never go ski racing without duct tape! It is an essential part of a ski racer’s kit. You can use it for:

  • Strapping broken shin pads on
  • Keeping broken boot buckles closed
  • Covering your glove with extra padding when you’ve bruised your knuckle
  • Covering brand names on you equipment in Olympic events
  • Repairing the straps on your ski boots
  • Strapping your hand to your ski pole if you’re wearing a plaster cast or support on your wrist/thumb
  • Putting it under your slalom pole guards to stop them from moving around or loosening
  • Making your Leki poles unique, so no one mistakes them for their own pair! (Duct tape is available in many patterns, my Leki poles have penguin, pink tartan and colour splodge tape on them. Quite a few people have said they like my artistic essence to my poles!)

But, I think it is absolutely essential for covering up huge holes in a beloved pair of gloves!

photo 3

These specimens are a pair of size 7 Level gloves. I absolutely love them! I was given them when I was training with the British Team, back in 2012. Level gloves are so comfortable and protect my hands well from gates. But unfortunately, this pair have seen better days and aren’t really fulfilling their purpose anymore.

I have been reviewing my performance in Slalom and I really think what will get me from scoring 35 points in a FIS race to reaching the sub 30 zone are a new pair of gloves – they will be more streamlined as they won’t have duct tape all over them! If anyone has any extra stock, would you like to become my new glove sponsor? All offers are welcome! 😉

Happy January everyone! Keep reading my Facebook page for more updates!

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